3 Careers That Seem Glamourous, But Can Be Quite The Opposite

Many young job seekers graduate college or for their first years out of school have a very inaccurate perception of both the profitability and personal satisfaction of certain career choices.

A few of the most highly in demand are in the lowest pay column simply because there are 500 other young job seekers willing to replace that individual if they should not perform to the standards that a hedge fund paying 3x that amount would expect.

Yet, why would these jobs be just as competitive to get into? It is due to a perception that the below described careers are too glamourous to pass up.

Here are 3 of the biggest letdowns for recent college graduates and young job seekers:

1. Public Relations – PR companies recruit such great talent because younger job seekers want what they can’t have and what 99.5% can’t have is a high paying career in public relations.


This astronomically high failure rate has to deal with the perception that if a company is in PR, they are a good company to work for.

Ironically, most are not and live and die by a few fickle celebrities on their roster who could get angry at any time and storm out taking 1/3 of the PR agency’s business with them which, is really the anthesis of glamorous.

Plus, public relations is a lot of cold-calling, especially in the early years; one could even argue that it is a sales job of sorts.

2. B2B Marketing At Large Companies – Many recent college graduates equate marketing with creativity when, as a matter of fact, most entry-level marketing jobs are more mathematical and have to deal with reading and analyzing data from a macro analytics software.

Also, B2B marketing, while more creative than bean counting, is not as fun as B2C where the competition is a little higher and, if the job seeker works hard, in 15 years’ time, they could be laying the groundwork for a Super Bowl commercial.

However, there are technically more A-list celebrities than there are marketing and ad execs coming up with the Budweiser Frogs or more recently Volkswagen’s little Darth Vader. Many recent graduates are disappointed to find that making PowerPoints for a few years to get to that level is not worth their time.

3. Law – 15 years ago, a degree in law nearly guaranteed you a salary that was pretty much on par with physicians.

This is not to mention that being an attorney held a certain type of prestige; the type of prestige that allowed a lawyer to charge $600+ hour.

Now, the field is overcrowded for a few reasons, partly due to internet advertising (you can easily find pure contingency attorneys via LinkedIn, etc.) and a significant year over year increase in graduates.

After all, if you don’t have the clientele, you could be the best litigator in the world, but if a tree falls in the forest…

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