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Submitted by: Adam Peters

If you want to install the railings on your custom deck, you will be happy to learn that deck railings are fairly easy to plan, design, build and install. You don’t even have to be an expert carpenter, just an ordinary homeowner.

The most important steps in building your own railings is creating the right plan, measuring carefully, and then buying the

right construction materials.

If you plan on building the entire deck, that is a lot bigger job. But they are both doable, if you only take the care to do

it properly.

You will want follow some important steps in planning and building your deck and deck railings.

-Plan! This may involve driving around your neighborhood ane looking at other decks to decide the kind that best suits you. This kind of planning may also be done on the internet.

-Be Prepared! Make sure you have all of the right materials for your deck and deck railing project. This will mean you will

need to buy the lumber and then own, buy or borrow a hammer, wrench, circular saw, drill, caulking gun, as well as protective

items such as eyewear and gloves.

-Measure twice! Measure the space you have available for your deck, and then measure how much spacing you will need between each post, and then between each baluster, and from the toprail to the foot of the rail. You may want to consider using a

substiture material such as cinder blocks to get the measurements right and to walk off distances you think you will need. When you cut the lumber for the decking and the railing, mark it well and make sure you eep track of the length of each piece and where it will go. So you see there will be a lot of measuring involved.

Only now can you begin to install your deck and railings. If your lose your nerve about building the deck, you can always hire a contracter to do the deck and then just go ahead and do the railings yourself. Since this is the easier part of the project, you won’t have so much to worry about. And if you get one post or one baluster wrong, it won’t ruin the entire project.

Building deck railings is actually a very easy project, if you follow the advice to plan, be prepared and make sure to measure. In just a couple of hours, you can have deck railings installed and be proud that you did them yourself. And now that you have put that much work into your railings, make sure you protect them properly so they last longer, whether you have installed wood or iron railings.

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