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Is Bay Area Real Estate A Buyers Or Sellers Market?

Is Bay Area Real Estate A Buyers Or Sellers Market? by It has really been a rollercoaster year in the Bay Area Real Estate Market across the nine Bay Area counties. We have seen huge fluctuations in market prices, property values and sales with much confusion emerging especially in the fourth quarter. According to the […]

5 Ways Your Real Estate Lawyer Can Effectively Assist You

byAlma Abell Real estate transactions are complicated. If you plan to sell or purchase a home, it would be wise to engage the services of an experienced real estate lawyer: Draw up contracts These types of negotiations will inevitably include contracts. You’ll want to have a lawyer develop one to ensure the terms and conditions […]

Flipping Houses In 2009}

Flipping Houses in 2009 by Just a couple of years ago, if you are in the business of flipping houses, it would have been near impossible to find great properties that you can buy and sell off quickly. Flipping houses is not a new business model. Many investors and real estate brokers have been […]

The Fine Line Between Strategy And Luck: Pro Battleship Tour}

Read An Opinion On: Mr Property Services Website Lifestyle Retirement Villages Submitted by: Dusty Applegate I’ve covered the U.S. Professional Battleship Tour since its beginning in February 2005. I know that’s not a lot of time for this sport, but believe you me, I can’t think of a more backbreaking or grueling sport to watch, […]