Popular Forms Of Handmade Pieces Of Jewellery

In our modern society, handmade jewellery is used by people as a way to augment their style and magnificence to themselves as well as their clothing. Previously, people used to wear their handcrafted pieces as a token of their own success and power but in today’s society, handcrafted jewellery is actually donned as an adornment and accessory. In today’s marketplace, many distinctive types and sorts of jewellery are unveiled each manufactured from unique materials. The most common design of one of kind jewellery involves pieces that have been handcrafted from gold, handcrafted silver pieces, traditional jewellery, one of a kind turquoise jewellery, original metal jewellery, unconventional silver jewellery, cool plastic-type jewellery, wooden and enamelled designs. All these materials intended for making these types of gorgeous pieces are generally extracted separately from several sources. Each day the skilled designers make an eclectic mix of distinct resources with various colour schemes integrating semi-precious beads and pendants with assorted coloured settings.

We have a versatile collection of contemporary bangles whereby one can choose from textured or animal and bird motif handcuffs, stone- or glass-studded bracelets in single or multi strands to intricately designed hand harness styles. Contemporary bangles from Tribe are easy to carry off, lightweight and ideal for workwear. However, some of the available styles can even accessorize cocktail and party wear as well, to lend an elegant modern appeal to your western attire. Gold Plated Silver Bangles.

People use exceptional handmade jewellery on their head in the form of hairpins and sparkly hair combs. These come in a large variety of beautiful metallic hairpins and are available in the stores and their function is to embellish your own hair on any of the happy events and especially for marriages. These pins are actually available in virtually any colour imaginable and numerous colours of ornamental pins could be picked out that can supplement all of your unique garments. There is body piercing Jewellery the most well-known being hand made earrings; clip-on earrings, ear cuffs and magnetic earrings; hand-made jewellery, lovely nostril rings, nostril chains and nose studs. Belly button rings, nipple rings, rings to be donned on your fingers etc. Not every one of these items is to everyone’s preference.

On the subject of hand made jewellery put on on the neck, we now have jewellery necklaces. The exceptional hand made pendants are actually of various types and styles and might be found handmade and designed into exceptional designs from a variety of materials and semi-precious beads and beautiful hand made pendants. They could wrap throughout the throat loosely whereas the short designs sit snug. Pearls are very well-liked for making exclusive pendant designs and these are generally found at several lengths and might be donned as a single strand or many strands may be donned at various lengths to create a one of a kind style for you. You could possibly opt to go for a chunky wooded design or something dazzling and trendy that has been hand made from brightly shaded acrylic designs. Your selected piece of handcrafted jewellery might have been designed from crystals providing you with a sparkly and stylish jewellery design.

From time to time, our designers and craftsmen are coming out with stylish modern-style earrings through different jewellery collections. We even keep having collaborations with known brands across the fashion spectrum, so rest assured our jewellery is always abreast of the ongoing trends. It would be a great idea to follow our newsletter updates or Instagram handle to stay in touch with the new and upcoming jewellery launches. Browse through our website and you’ll surely find fashionable contemporary earrings as per your taste, preference and budget. Silver Tribal Jewellery.

For arm handcrafted jewellery, you can find armbands (top arm bracelets) bracelets, cuff links and bangles. In certain countries around the world like India and Pakistan and several of the Middle Eastern nations, it truly is conventional to don bangles merely to demonstrate that the women tend to be wedded and is part of a joyful family In these situations more than one bracelet may be seen worn at one time. Layers of all these handcrafted jewellery items might be seen in numerous lovely colours producing an exceptional and unusual selection of colours on a lady. A few of the colours can be picked to compliment the women’s ensemble. The bracelets could be designed from rare metal or sterling silver in ordinary or complex designs, with or without the addition of semi-precious and priceless stones. A number of the designs are actually made from glass and semi-precious stones and this style has now been taken up by the fashion-conscious in the West and layering of wonderful handcrafted jewellery bracelets may be seen on the catwalks of the entire major city’s providing an exclusive and abnormal slant on what is a conventional technique to wear these pieces of handcrafted jewellery.

Somali radio stations stopped from playing music by Islamist militants

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The majority of radio stations in Somalia have stopped playing music after orders from Islamist militants, who claim that the songs are un-Islamic. The stations reported that they complied with the ban over fears for their life.

Before the forbiddance, which includes playing all music and jingles, thirteen of the fifteen stations played music. A radio station manager said “We are using other sounds such as gunfire, the noise of the vehicles and birds to link up our programmes.” Other controllers spoke about the fear of losing listeners and advertisers due to the bans.

A BBC reporter compared the militants ban to demands from the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Somali militants issued the order 10 days ago and all but two stations have stopped playing music. The only stations not in compliance with the ban are a government controlled station and a UN-funded station based in Kenya.

Pop music is popular in Somalia and the ban has been met with heavy criticism. Militants in certain parts of the country have previously banned the watching of films and football.

Since 1991, Somalia has had no functioning government, with militants controlling large parts of the country. The government, which is backed by UN funds and troops from the African Union, only control a small part of the capital city, Mogadishu.

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Assassin of Turkish-Armenian journalist ‘treated as national hero’

Saturday, February 3, 2007

According to news reports from Turkey, a number of the members of the Turkish security forces, though unofficially, are treating Ogün Samast, the assassin of Hrant Dink as if he were a national hero.

For instance, after being taken into custody, Samast was filmed shoulder to shoulder with the Turkish police, in front of a Turkish flag and a quote from Turkey’s founder Atatürk: “The nation’s land is sacred. It cannot be left to fate.”

On January 24th, Ogün Samast was transferred to the Bayrampa?a prison, Istanbul’s largest prison. Before the transfer, inmates from a section of the prison were temporarily moved to another section, which, as a result, housed more than 100 inmates, 80 more than its maximum capacity. Then, the now-vacant section, often subject to inmates’ complaints regarding bedbugs, was cleaned and disinfected. Finally, the walls were painted, a brand new cotton bed was put in, and red carpet was laid out on the floors of the section.

When Samast was brought to the Bayrampa?a Prison, inmates witnessed that he was welcomed with cheers and applause by the jail management, soldiers, and the guards. Witnesses also report that Samast was given two guards to serve him. He ate kebab, a luxury food compared to the food given to other inmates.

After four days, Samast was transferred to the Kand?ra F-type Prison.

Ultra-nationalist elements of the Turkish society seem to have penetrated into the Turkish security forces. These events resulted major Turkish newspapers such as Sabah, Radikal, and Vatan to accuse the Turkish security forces and the Turkish state of supporting, endorsing, and cooperating with the killers of the journalist.

A 52 year old Turkish-Armenian journalist, Hrant Dink was assassinated in front of the Agos newspaper office, at the Istanbul district of Osmanbey, where he worked as the editor and a journalist. Dink, a brave journalist who was not afraid to discuss one of Turkey’s most controversial issues, clearly called what happened to Armenians in 1915 when the land was being governed by the Ottoman Empire the Armenian Genocide.

Following her father’s assassination, Dink’s daughter, referring to the fascist obsession with pure blood, said:

They shot my father. Is their blood purer now? They were afraid to face him, they shot him in the back.

Large numbers of people marched protesting the killing of Hrant Dink on the day of his funeral, carrying placards that read “We are all Armenian” and “We are all Hrant Dink”.

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Why Shops That Offer Stylish Tattoo Designs Are Becoming Popular


Don’t be surprised if you notice the family man next door sporting a brand-new tattoo. The colorful body art has gone mainstream, and it is becoming very common for professionals like Da Vinci Tattoo to provide Stylish Tattoo Designs for many segments of the population. Everybody from new fathers to grannies are using the art to express feelings, mark events, show loyalty and more.

YouTube Preview Image

Body Art Showcases IndividualityFor decades, artists had created Stylish Tattoo Designs when clients wanted to make personal statements. Today’s customers frequently have the same thing in mind when they have symbols or photos of the things they love permanently inked onto their bodies. They may create unique designs or work with craftsmen, who bring their visions to life. Clients often use the art to reflect deep feelings about their goals and experiences. In addition, a lot of body art is very beautiful and is worn primarily as a decoration. This is especially true of the many flower and artwork designs.

Tattoos Act as Life MarkersMany clients request tattoos that mark major life milestones. They may choose the dates that they were married, or children were born. Many have photos copied onto their bodies. Some who recover from accidents or near-fatal illnesses mark the happy occasions with a celebratory tattoo. The faithful often wear tattooed crosses or other symbols that mark their commitment to life paths. Many also use body art as memorials to people and pets that they have lost.

Artists Can Provide Other ServicesShops that offer tattoo art may also sell body jewelry. Their staff may include expert piercers who can apply a jewelry wherever clients want to wear it. Tattoo specialists often create and sell wall art as well. They may offer clients custom framable prints in an array unique designs and colors. Their art is done using high-quality pigments and paper. Shops may also offer a range of hoodies, t-shirts, and artistic apparel.

Tattoos are going mainstream as more people see them as a way to make personal statements, commemorate events, or demonstrate loyalty. The public is also becoming more comfortable with tattoo shops because they often provide body jewelry and other art.

Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with NDP candidate Paul Johnstone, Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A resident of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound his whole life, Correctional Services officer Paul Johnstone is running for the Ontario New Democratic Party in the Ontario provincial election. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed him regarding his values, his experience, and his campaign.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.

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Australian Budget for 2006-2007 released

Tuesday, May 9, 2006The Australian Budget (Appropriation Bill No. 1) for 2006-2007 was released by the Australian Liberal PartyAustralian National Party coalition government treasurer, Peter Costello (Higgins, Liberal).

Costello noted the resilience of the economy against natural disasters and terrorism, and through “disciplined and prudent management” the Government was able to “repay Labor’s debt” of quoted 96 billion dollars of net debt and the Government was now “debt-free”.

Costello noted that the Government budget was in “surplus for the ninth time” with a forecast surplus of 10.8 billion.

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Australian government to tackle banks on mortgages

Sunday, January 13, 2008

In response to higher than expected mortgage rate increases last week, Australian treasurer Wayne Swan flagged changes to banking regulations to increase competition between lenders on home mortgages.

Swan announced yesterday he had sought a Treasury report on the banking sector ahead of talks over the next fortnight on reforms to make it easier for bank customers to move mortgages between lenders by forcing banks to reduce exit fees, to “make the market more competitive”.

“Everybody knows we’ve been impacted upon by the U.S. sub-prime mortgage crisis that has pushed up the cost of money,” Swan said.

“But, as I said last week, some of the increases we saw by the banks were not justified. In my view, they were excessive. I urge people to vote with their feet. If there are obstacles to people voting with their feet, switching their accounts, we’ll have a look at those.”

The banking industry, however, insists that loan refinancing is not a complicated process currently, according to the head of the Australian Bankers Association (ABA), David Bell. “There is a competitive marketplace for home loans and the Cannex website shows the many products that are available,” said Bell. “Regarding the switching of transaction accounts, the Australian Payments Clearing Association is conducting a community consultation process on this issue. ABA member banks support this process.”

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Picking Up Orlando Real Estate Bargains

Picking Up Orlando Real Estate Bargains


Marvin Parrish

Homes and developments in the area complement its natural beauty along with the ongoing development of the actual medical technology center using its 7, 000 master planned area called Lake Nona, a city within a city. Spacious single family, town homes, and condos make upwards housing options. The medical research facility will advance the city by discovery. Whether you\’re working, relaxing, or starting a loved ones Lake Nona \’s Burnham\’s Medical Research Institute and its particular surrounding community will let you discover the best choice for you.

These days, buyers have the higher hand, even in the surprisingly strong Orlando housing market. Properties that seemed away from reach are now growing to be affordable to buyers lucky enough to give the cash and credit to produce their dreams come correct. However, they should not test that luck as costly mistakes can simply be made even throughout buyers\’ markets where you will find there\’s large inventory of property to pick from.

YouTube Preview Image

In difficult markets with great price fluctuations it\’s especially vital that you enlist the services of the experienced agent or agent. With prices going along (mostly down, of course, as of late), it\’s especially important to have someone in your favor who knows exactly what property is worth, and how well a neighborhood or area will support. What may seem such as a terrific deal on this Orlando MLS may, in fact, be a property to become avoided. An experienced local realtor knows.

One of the great opportunities nowadays is bank foreclosure product sales. These are not readily available as the good people get snatched up right away. A local realty firm can record foreclosure sales with free computer services. Once signed up, sellers will always have listings using the latest information to help in the search. With foreclosure sales it is especially important to possess a good broker on the side; there is a reasons why some property foreclose, some are not properly maintained, and some have received damage. A broker can guide.

Some buyers think that lower real estate investment costs in a declining market is likely to make it easier to be eligible for a mortgage, but that is low number of. Excessive credit and insufficient background checking happen to be blamed for the home finance loan crises, and banks and lenders are actually far stricter with the requirements than before. This means more detailed credit checks and more stringent requirements. Again, a good local specialist can give you not only a reality check, but also good advice on where to look, what to expect, and how to handle all of the paperwork.

Buyers interested in new homes yet to get built also face a fascinating situation. Prices are lower there also, but there are a lot more potential pitfalls. Financially strapped builders and contractors will not be able to complete development, leaving you with the unfinished home or more painful. Once again, the best insurance towards horror stories is working together with an experienced Orlando place broker who knows not simply the local situation, but also has insights into your financial strength of contractors and contractors. A pre-construction investigation having a good agent will show you who you can make use of and who to steer clear of.

Orland real estate can be an attractive proposition. The area continues to build in leaps and bounds, and Orlando is essentially the most desirable cities to proceed to.

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Looted, possibly contaminated body parts transplanted into USA, Canadian patients

Monday, March 20, 2006

Fears of contaminated bone and skin grafts are being felt by unsuspecting patients following the revelation that funeral homes may have been looting corpses.

Janet Evans of Marion, Ohio was told by her surgeon, “The bone grafts you got might have been contaminated”. She reacted with shock, “I was flabbergasted because I didn’t even know what he was talking about. I didn’t know I got a bone graft until I got this call. I just thought they put in screws and rods.”

The body of Alistair Cooke, the former host of Masterpiece Theatre, was supposedly looted along with more than 1,000 others, according to two law enforcement officials close to the case. The tissue taken was typically skin, bone and tendon, which was then sold for use in procedures such as dental implants and hip replacements. According to authorities, millions of dollars were made by selling the body parts to companies for use in operations done at hospitals and clinics in the United States and Canada.

A New Jersey company, Biomedical Tissue Services, has reportedly been taking body parts from funeral homes across Brooklyn, New York. According to ABC News, they set up rooms like a “surgical suite.” After they took the bones, they replaced them with PVC pipe. This was purportedly done by stealth, without approval of the deceased person or the next of kin. 1,077 bodies were involved, say prosecutors.

Investagators say a former dentist, Michael Mastromarino, is behind the operation. Biomedical was considered one of the “hottest procurement companies in the country,” raking in close to $5 million. Eventually, people became worried: “Can the donors be trusted?” A tissue processing company called LifeCell answered no, and issued a recall on all their tissue.

Cooke’s daughter, Susan Cooke Kittredge, said, “To know his bones were sold was one thing, but to see him standing truncated before me is another entirely.” Now thousands of people around the country are receiving letters warning that they should be tested for infectious diseases like HIV or hepatitis. On February 23, the Brooklyn District Attorney indicted Mastromarino and three others. They are charged with 122 felony counts, including forgery and bodysnatching.

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BDSM as business: An interview with the owners of a dungeon

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Torture proliferates American headlines today: whether its use is defensible in certain contexts and the morality of the practice. Wikinews reporter David Shankbone was curious about torture in American popular culture. This is the first of a two part series examining the BDSM business. This interview focuses on the owners of a dungeon, what they charge, what the clients are like and how they handle their needs.

When Shankbone rings the bell of “HC & Co.” he has no idea what to expect. A BDSM (Bondage Discipline Sadism Masochism) dungeon is a legal enterprise in New York City, and there are more than a few businesses that cater to a clientèle that wants an enema, a spanking, to be dressed like a baby or to wear women’s clothing. Shankbone went to find out what these businesses are like, who runs them, who works at them, and who frequents them. He spent three hours one night in what is considered one of the more upscale establishments in Manhattan, Rebecca’s Hidden Chamber, where according to The Village Voice, “you can take your girlfriend or wife, and have them treated with respect—unless they hope to be treated with something other than respect!”

When Shankbone arrived on the sixth floor of a midtown office building, the elevator opened up to a hallway where a smiling Rebecca greeted him. She is a beautiful forty-ish Long Island mother of three who is dressed in smart black pants and a black turtleneck that reaches up to her blond-streaked hair pulled back in a bushy ponytail. “Are you David Shankbone? We’re so excited to meet you!” she says, and leads him down the hall to a living room area with a sofa, a television playing an action-thriller, an open supply cabinet stocked with enema kits, and her husband Bill sitting at the computer trying to find where the re-release of Blade Runner is playing at the local theater. “I don’t like that movie,” says Rebecca.

Perhaps the most poignant moment came at the end of the night when Shankbone was waiting to be escorted out (to avoid running into a client). Rebecca came into the room and sat on the sofa. “You know, a lot of people out there would like to see me burn for what I do,” she says. Rebecca is a woman who has faced challenges in her life, and dealt with them the best she could given her circumstances. She sees herself as providing a service to people who have needs, no matter how debauched the outside world deems them. They sat talking mutual challenges they have faced and politics (she’s supporting Hillary); Rebecca reflected upon the irony that many of the people who supported the torture at Abu Ghraib would want her closed down. It was in this conversation that Shankbone saw that humanity can be found anywhere, including in places that appear on the surface to cater to the inhumanity some people in our society feel towards themselves, or others.

“The best way to describe it,” says Bill, “is if you had a kink, and you had a wife and you had two kids, and every time you had sex with your wife it just didn’t hit the nail on the head. What would you do about it? How would you handle it? You might go through life feeling unfulfilled. Or you might say, ‘No, my kink is I really need to dress in women’s clothing.’ We’re that outlet. We’re not the evil devil out here, plucking people off the street, keeping them chained up for days on end.”

Below is David Shankbone’s interview with Bill & Rebecca, owners of Rebecca’s Hidden Chamber, a BDSM dungeon.

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