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Having a good smile is certainly advantageous in many situations of life. Humans try to beautify their appearances by way of getting their teeth well aligned. Properly aligned teeth can make you look stunning and gorgeous. A beautiful smile can enhance your appearance instantaneously and with newer ways of getting this done has made the task even simpler. The ugly looking braces are now replaced with Invisalign braces to give you a perfect smiling appearance and shinning look.

Our teeth can lose charm either by age, some major accidents, incidents or misalignment by birth. The invisalign treatment is a result of high tech advances in field of Dentistry using latest technologies. These are amongst the best remedies to correct the shape of distorted teeth. They are made of plain plastic sheet so that they are transparent and more comfortable than the Steel braces. The New York Invisalign treatment offering Dentists can give the imprecise teeth a better, shinning and straight shape at affordable costs.

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These days Invisalign treatment is amongst the best treatments of straitening teeth and aligning problems as contrasted to traditional treatments. There are various Dentists in New York City offering inexpensive treatments of Invisalign. The Invisalign treatment is a step beyond to traditional dental treatment options. The wide dental problems such as overbite, crossbite, crowding and under bite can be treated in a very gentle manner through Invisalign treatment. They will carry out your teeth straightening process gently so that you do not feel much pain. These aligners are removable so that you can brush them and clean the trapped food articles in your braces.

Since, these are invisible; they are rarely visible to anyone passing by you. The dentists in New York City are well experienced and equipped with the advanced treatment tools and instruments to assure 100% success results, hygiene and best oral health. Since they are made of smooth and comfortable plastic, they make it easier for the patients to wear them. Unlike the steel braces, brackets and wires they do not cause any sort of suffering, pain or mouth ulcers. There are various treatments offered at low costs by New York City Cosmetic Dentist. If you are dwelling in New York City, you can definitely find good dentists here. You can also make online search for locating expert and experienced dentists nearby your place.

The New York City Cosmetic Dentistry makes use of advanced technologies and can assure healthy gums and white teeth desired by you always. These dentists are expert in treating all kinds of dental problems and may correct every kind of issues. They are well trained to eliminate all kinds of dental defects.

The Cosmetic Dentist in New York City can heal various dental ailments and will make every effort to do so with minimal pain to you. From clear braces to tooth contouring, these dental experts can offer you a myriad of benefits at affordable costs. The cosmetic dentists in NYC will surely help you get rid of dental ailments.

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South Africa sets deadline in land transfer scheme

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The South African government has set a six-month deadline for some white farmers to agree on sale prices for their farms. The government will be requiring them to sell the farms as part of its land redistribution programme.

Agriculture and Land Affairs Minister Lulu Xingwana said that if no agreement in reached in 6 months, the government could expropriate farmlands. Stating that negotiations have been too slow, in some cases taking many years, Xingwana said that some farm owners were seeking “unrealistic prices”. Land owners claim they are not offered market value for their property.

The government has identified about 350 farms for which, if no deal is reached, the government will force a mandatory sale at current market prices identified by the government.

Officials said that expropriation is only a measure of last-resort and that farmers can appeal the decision in court.

The land reform programme aims to hand back land or give financial compensation to black South Africans who were forcibly removed from their ancestral homes and lands under apartheid rule. The programme was a key promise made by the African National Congress (ANC) as it came to power in 1994 and remains an emotive and politically charged issue.

Currently, about 4% of South Africa’s farm land is owned by blacks, who number 42 million out of the nation’s 47 million population. President Thabo Mbeki‘s government has set a target of transferring 30% of land to blacks by 2014. About 89% of the nearly 80,000 claims have been settled so far, and the government has spent some R2.5bn ($368m) purchasing farms from white owners. The National Land Claims Commission is entrusted with carrying out the transfers.

The reform programme had so far followed a “willing-buyer willing-seller” principle. The process had to contend with land owners challenging the validity of some claims, negotiating sale prices with current owners, and settling competing claims over the same piece of land—sometimes by tracing family trees of claimants when other documents supporting the claim did not exist.

Xingwana called on established farmers to form partnerships with new landowners and to transfer skills to new farmers, to ensure productive use of transferred lands. One criticism of the programme is that some of the transferred farms have fallen in production due to the inexperience and lack of capital among the new owners.

The government has rejected comparisons of the programme with that initiated in Zimbabwe under President Robert Mugabe.

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Auto Marketing With Facebook

Submitted by: Kara Alcamo

With more than 500 million active users, a number that grows by leaps and bounds every day, Facebook is far and away the largest social networking website in the world, making it integral to any successful and comprehensive online marketing campaign. While the importance of and opportunity available in Facebook is unquestionable, the bottom line is still the bottom line for business, and many auto dealers are left wondering, how exactly do you turn likes into ups?

Here are some things to consider when implementing an auto marketing campaign via Facebook:

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Advertising Although it has a huge pool of users, many of whom will not be in your target customer demographic, Facebook allows for extreme advertising precision. You can choose to reveal your ads only to those users who are most likely to click and come to your lot. For example, if you re running a special on a manufacturer-specific maintenance package, you can show the ad only to those people who have liked your Page or have liked the manufacturer s Page, increasing the likelihood that they own a vehicle covered by that promotion and making them more likely to be interested in this promotion. You can also choose only a certain geographic area, which is perfect for local dealers. This allows you to get exposure to a wider variety of people within that area without increasing the amount spent.

Customer service One of the greatest benefits about Facebook is that it allows you to interact with customers in real time and on a personal level. Because of this, many dealers use their Facebook Page as a sort of customer service vehicle. If a customer has an issue, they can report it online, they get a personal response to their problem, and other customers can see the conflict being resolved. This is obviously much preferable to that customer simply going out and writing a bad review or speaking negatively about your company without you having the chance to respond.

Promotions Rather than try to track down all potential customers yourself and get them to like your Page, split up the work between your fans. Create contests and other promotions that involve getting people to Like your Page or a photograph on it, or ones that involve them tagging your Page in a photo or post of their own. In this way, you can get exposure to people who may not have even seen your Page before, in turn increasing brand recognition. Not only does this mean less work for you, but by having people personally request that their friends like your Page, instead of trying to do it yourself, you increase the likelihood that these friends will do so.

These are just a few things to take into account with regard to auto marketing on Facebook. There are many more ways to improve the odds that your online fans and followers ultimately make a trip to your dealership, and a marketing agency that is experienced specifically in the auto industry can help you best take advantage of the opportunities afforded to you by Facebook.

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Wikinews attends Maker Faire in Tyler, Texas

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Wikinews attended the sixth annual Mini Maker Faire in Tyler, Texas, United States on Saturday. Similar to a giant science fair, the event featured a variety of science, engineering and technology projects and items.

An array of technologies were on hand including 3D printers, drones, and various other physics devices. The owner of the Make Crate subscription service stated her company’s products place a strong emphasis on teaching young people about technology and coding. A traditional blacksmith was also on hand displaying metal working techniques.

Numerous Maker Clubs from an array of local schools were on hand, displaying a broad swathe of tech projects. A group of amateur hobbyists diplayed a model of the deck of the aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan with a solenoid device hooked up to launch paper airplanes.

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Wikinews interviews World Wide Web co-inventor Robert Cailliau

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The name Robert Cailliau may not ring a bell to the general public, but his invention is the reason why you are reading this: Dr. Cailliau together with his colleague Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, making the internet accessible so it could grow from an academic tool to a mass communication medium. Last January Dr. Cailliau retired from CERN, the European particle physics lab where the WWW emerged.

Wikinews offered the engineer a virtual beer from his native country Belgium, and conducted an e-mail interview with him (which started about three weeks ago) about the history and the future of the web and his life and work.

Wikinews: At the start of this interview, we would like to offer you a fresh pint on a terrace, but since this is an e-mail interview, we will limit ourselves to a virtual beer, which you can enjoy here.

Robert Cailliau: Yes, I myself once (at the 2nd international WWW Conference, Chicago) said that there is no such thing as a virtual beer: people will still want to sit together. Anyway, here we go.

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UK Chancellor of the Exchequer makes 2005 Budget speech

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The United Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Right Honourable Gordon Brown PC MP, in a speech to the British House of Commons today presented his ninth Budget, what is very likely to be his last Budget before the next UK General Election. This opened the parliamentary debate on the 2005 Finance Bill, and was followed by responses from the opposition parties.

In a 48 minute long speech, the Chancellor presented a Budget of “tax cuts that are reasonable, spending that is affordable, and [economic] stability that is paramount”, that was “the prudent course for Britain”. There were few surprises that had not already been indicated in his 2004 pre-Budget report. The increase in the threshold on stamp duty was greater than that forecast by commentators, as was the amount of the Council Tax rebate to households with pensioners.

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Durga Petals Bangalore, Doddanekundi | Affordable Apartments}

Submitted by: Joseff Roy

Durga Projects Pre-launched Offer Durga Petals located in Doddenakundi Bangalore. Get Durga Petals review, details, specifications, Location map, sizes details

The whole project revolves around the basic function of petals. Just as how the inherent responsibility of petals is to nurture growth, Durga homes nurture you, your family and your dreams. And what urbanisation covertly strips off your life, is exactly what Durga Petals Bangalore fosters – Freedom. Spread your wings beyond four walls with 5 acres of prime property on the Marathahalli Outer Ring Road. The 7 luxurious towers soar towards the skies, mirroring your aspirations, while each are laced with 13 storeys. And well, there’s one tower with 2 storeys, that consummates your life with a clubhouse and other uber recreative amenities.

Durga Petals

Durga Petals Review Petals, from Durga, launched on 22nd June 2014. The project is strategically positioned, competitively priced, thoughtfully designed and boasts of several first-of-its-kind features that prospective home buyers will find it hard to resist. Deep thought has gone into the finer aspects of lifestyle. Be it a child, or a professional or a senior citizen, Durga Petals has something unique to offer for everybody. Salient highlights of Durga Petals include location, state-of-art construction technology, carefully crafted amenities and the over-arching promise from Durga, a brand that stands for uncompromising values, customer-centric approach and transparency in business operations.

Builder Overview

Durga Projects and infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. have experience of over a decade in the construction industry. We distinguish ourselves in the construction business by applying our principle, “create homes and not just buildings”. Our principle has given us a strong foundation to deliver projects at key locations in India. Each of Durga’s constructions has modern designs and offer value for customers’ investments.

The whole project revolves around the basic function of petals. Just as how the inherent responsibility of petals is to nurture growth, Durga homes nurture you, your family and your dreams. And what urbanisation covertly strips off your life, is exactly what Durga Petals fosters – Freedom. Spread your wings beyond four walls with 5 acres of prime property on the Marathahalli Outer Ring Road. The 7 luxurious towers soar towards the skies, mirroring your aspirations, while each are laced with 13 storeys. And well, there’s one tower with 2 storeys, that consummates your life with a clubhouse and other uber recreative amenities.

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Amenities :

Party hall

Swimming pool, Squash court, Gymnasium and spa, Badminton Court, Cricket Pitch

Children’s play area

Reflexology path, Yoga arena

Party Lawn, Barbeque Arena

Rainwater Harvesting

Specification :


Concrete wall technology with most modern aluminum formwork Car parks at Basement and Ground floo


Foyer, Living & Dining, Bedrooms Double charged, Nano, rectified Vitrified tiles flooring Wooden / Appropriate skirting Acrylic Emulsion paint on walls


Double charged, Nano, rectified Vitrified tiles flooring 2 feet Wide and 18mm thick Granite counter and provision for Stainless Steel sink. 2′ X 1′ Wall tiles Dado up to 2 feet above the Granite counter Acrylic Emulsion paint on walls


1′ x 1′ Ceramic Matt finished floor tiles with Skirting M.S. Railing with enamel paint and Toughened Glass Exterior grade paint


Main Door – Hardwood frame and veneer shutter with melamine polish, Godrej Locks and SS hardware Internal Doors – Hardwood frame with both side skinned shutter on both sides coated with enamel paint, Godrej Lock and SS hardware Windows – UPVC windows with Mosquito Mesh

For More Details Visit Us :

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Contract to buy properties on site of Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal extended

Monday, October 2, 2006

Buffalo, New York —Sam Savarino, CEO of Savarino Companies, the development company to be in charge of building the Elmwood Village Hotel at Forest and Elmwood Avenues in Buffalo, New York has told Wikinews in an exclusive interview that the contract to buy the properties from 1109-1121 on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo has been “extended,” but would not elaborate on how long the extension would last.

“We have extended our agreement to purchase the property and will have it under contract for what we hope is a sufficient period of time,” said Savarino.

The hotel would require the demolition of the five properties on Forest and would cause several businesses to relocate or close their doors. The hotel will be 72 rooms and will cost at least 7 to 10 million dollars to build. Wyndham Hotels is expected to be the owner/operator of the hotel. The properites are still owned by Hans Mobius. Two other properties, 605 and 607 Forest might also be part of the proposal, but lawsuits have so far stopped any development from taking place.

Savarino also stated in a recent interview with Wikinews that his company may be “about ready for round two” in the process of resubmitting the hotel proposal to the City of Buffalo’s Common Council and Planning Board.

“If we were to go through the re-zoning process again it could be arduous,” said Savarino.

In July, Savarino “withdrew” the proposal which is undergoing a “do-over,” according to Vice President of Savarino Companies, Eva Hassett.

In related news, several residents around the area of the proposed hotel were speculating that current roadwork to repair and add sewer lines on Forest Avenue were part of the construction process for the proposed hotel. Savarino has denied those claims.

“We are certainly not doing any work on the site nor is any work being performed on our behalf or at our direction [in relation to the hotel],” said Savarino.

So far, the proposal has not been resubmitted to the City’s Common Council or Planning board and there is no word on when the proposal will be resubmitted.

Wyndham Hotels, which is owned by Cendant Corporation, has not commented on the proposal despite several attempts to contact them.

This exclusive interview features first-hand journalism by a Wikinews reporter. See the collaboration page for more details.
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Kansas library discusses Wikipedia

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

A diverse group of approximately 25 people gathered at the Johnson County Library on Monday to participate in reference librarian Scott Vieira’s class, Wikiwhatia? Wikipedia.

Scott opened the session by sharing a disparaging quote from Robert McHenry (former editor-in-chief of Encyclopedia Britannica) comparing Wikipedia to a public restroom. He then shared a quote from Andrew Keen, author of The Cult of the Amateur, in which he stated Wikipedia is the blind leading the blind. Scott shared Wikipedia usage data from a 2007 Pew Internet study showing 36% of adults have consulted Wikipedia and that that Wikipedia receives 10,000-30,000 searches per second. Scott also pointed out that Wikipedia now has over two million articles in English alone (over nine million articles in 250 languages). So there is a discrepancy here, lots of critics and lots of use.

Scott then shared some historical information in order to provide a context for understanding Wikipedia. This included some important names and dates in the history of encyclopedias… including Pliny the Elder (23-79 C.E.) who published 37 Volumes of Natural History, and Joachim Sterck van Ringelbergh (c. 1499-1556) who first used the term encyclopedia, and then d’Alembert and Diderot who published 17 volumes of their French Encyclopedia from 1751-1765. Encyclopedia Britannica was first published in Scotland in serial format 1768-1771.

Scott also discussed more recent history, sharing a photo of Ward Cunningham –who is credited with being the inventor of wiki software. Wikipedia was founded on Jan 15, 2001 by Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales. Sanger left Wikipedia in 2002 and founded Citizendium in 2007 a complementary project which now has 4500 articles.

After the historical perspective, the class moved into using Wikipedia. Everyone in the audience had used Wikipedia. The class explored the content of Wikipedia, realising there is a whole lot going on. Scott demonstrated that the article about “frogs” for example, is semi-protected. The “history of science” article was examined, including the history of changes. Discussion covered how people contribute, who contributes and edits. The group also talked about Wikipedia bots, which aid in routine tasks in a semi-automated or automated fashion.

A discussion about teachers, school media specialists and students regarding their use of Wikipedia ensued. Some teachers and school media specialists are negative about Wikipedia, but Scott’s hope is that they will use it to start a discussion about the need to evaluate and critically think about information (even when it’s from more traditionally reviewed and edited sources).

An unanswered question from an audience member was, “What was the first Wikipedia article?”

Discussion topics from Scott to audience were as follows:

  • Do you think Wikipedia is less accurate than published resources and how important is that accuracy to you?
  • How do we determine authority on a subject? How important is it that an article be written by an expert? How is Wikipedia changing our idea of what an authority is?
  • Currency – the ability to publish immediately – what are the advantages and what are the disadvantages?
  • What do we think about the content selection in Wikipedia?
  • Should Wikipedia be used by librarians?
  • What do you think about the future of Wikipedia?
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Egypt protests: Army say they will not use force on demonstrators as Mubarak announces cabinet

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The president of Egypt has suffered a “devastating blow” after the country’s army announced they would not use force against their own people, who continue to protest against the government tonight. The news came hours after six journalists who reported on the protests were released from custody.

Hosni Mubarak yesterday announced a new cabinet, which does not include several figures who protesters largely do not approve of. Analysts have, however, suggested little had changed within the government; many positions, they say, are filled with military figures.

To the great people of Egypt, your armed forces, acknowledging the legitimate rights of the people … have not and will not use force against the Egyptian people.

In a statement broadcast on state media in Egypt, the army said: “To the great people of Egypt, your armed forces, acknowledging the legitimate rights of the people … have not and will not use force against the Egyptian people.” A BBC correspondent in Cairo said the announcement meant it “now seems increasingly likely that the 30-year rule of Mr Mubarak is drawing to a close.”

“The presence of the army in the streets is for your sake and to ensure your safety and wellbeing. The armed forces will not resort to use of force against our great people,” the statement added. “Your armed forces, who are aware of the legitimacy of your demands and are keen to assume their responsibility in protecting the nation and the citizens, affirms that freedom of expression through peaceful means is guaranteed to everybody.”

Earlier today, six journalists from the independent news network Al-Jazeera were released from custody after being detained by police. The U.S. State Department criticized the arrests; equipment was reportedly confiscated from the journalists.

Have you been affected in some way by this unrest? Tell us your thoughts.
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Egyptian officials yesterday ordered the satellite channel to stop broadcasting in the country. Al-Jazeera said they were “appalled” by the government’s decision to close its Egyptian offices, which they described as the “latest attack by the Egyptian regime to strike at its freedom to report independently on the unprecedented events in Egypt.”

In a statement, the news agency added: “Al-Jazeera sees this as an act designed to stifle and repress the freedom of reporting by the network and its journalists. In this time of deep turmoil and unrest in Egyptian society it is imperative that voices from all sides be heard; the closing of our bureau by the Egyptian government is aimed at censoring and silencing the voices of the Egyptian people.”

On Friday, Wikinews reported the government had shut off practically all Internet traffic both out of and into the nation, as well as disrupting cellphone usage. A spokesperson for the social networking website Facebook said “limiting Internet access for millions of people is a matter of concern for the global community.”

A reported 50,000 campaigners, who are demanding the long-time leader step down and complaining of poverty, corruption, and oppression, filled Tahrir Square in Cairo today, chanting “We will stay until the coward leaves.” It is thought 100 people have so far died in the demonstrations. Today there have been protests in Suez, Mansoura, Damanhour, and Alexandria.

Speaking to news media in the area, many protesters said the new cabinet did little to quell their anger. “We want a complete change of government, with a civilian authority,” one said. Another added: “This is not a new government. This is the same regime—this is the same bluff. [Mubarak] has been bluffing us for 30 years.”

In Tahrir Square today, protesters played music as strings of barbed wire and army tanks stood nearby. Demonstrators scaled light poles, hanging Egyptian flags and calling for an end to Mubarak’s rule. “One poster featured Mubarak’s face plastered with a Hitler mustache, a sign of the deep resentment toward the 82-year-old leader they blame for widespread poverty, inflation and official indifference and brutality during his 30 years in power,” one journalist in the square reported this evening.

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