Company Pensions In A Nutshell

Submitted by: Sean Horton

Company pensions are an invaluable part of employees remuneration packages. They are a central incentive and motivation to staff and an important part, therefore, for successful retention and recruitment. This importance is recognised by the Independent Financial Advisers who help and advise employees and companies alike on the benefits of a company or occupational pension scheme.

Types of occupational pension

If the company offers an occupational pension scheme, this generally means that it also makes contributions to its employees pensions and may also include benefits to the spouse, partner or dependents of the employee in the event of their death.

Although the particular scheme in place in any one company will vary from workplace to workplace, it will fall into one of two broad categories:

-Final salary schemes as the name suggests, this type of scheme bases the pension on the salary the employee is earning in the final years of his employment and the number of years he or she has worked for that employer;


-Money purchase schemes individual employees receive pension benefits based on the amount of money that has been paid into a pension fund and the performance of the investments in that fund.

Who pays?

Company pensions generally rely on regular monthly contributions being made by both employee and employer, based on a percentage of the employee s salary. For both employee and employer, those contributions are made free of any tax deductions.

Pension payment

The employee s retirement age the age at which he or she can start to draw the pension will be set out in the rules of the particular pension scheme. Details about qualification, together with estimates of the pension benefits likely to be paid on retirement, will be made available by the administrator of the pension scheme.

Changing jobs

If the employee leaves the company s employment, it is generally not possible for him or her to continue contributions to the same occupational pension scheme, although the benefits are preserved and the former employee becomes what is known as a “deferred member” the benefits are deferred until the employee s qualifying retirement age under the rules of the scheme.

In the case of a final salary scheme, the deferred pension benefits are re-valued on a regular (generally annual) basis, with the intention of their being kept broadly in line with inflation. Some of the benefits of such schemes “death in service”, for example are unlikely to continue to be available, however, if the employee has left the company s employment and is a deferred member.

In the case of a money purchase pension scheme, the combined employee and employer contributions remain invested in the pension fund. Annual statements on the current performance of the fund and forecasts of its future performance will continue to be sent to the former employee and deferred member.

Pension transfers

Employees have the option of transferring their accumulated pension from the occupational scheme into a personal pension plan or, if they have changed jobs, into another company scheme.

The implications and costs of doing this, however, are by no means straight forward and anyone thinking of transferring from an occupational pension scheme, or anyone with any questions about company pensions in general, would best seek independent financial advice.

About the Author: Sean Horton is a Director of Enhanced Wealth, a whole of market mortgage broker and IFA specialising in mortgage advice and the associated areas of

company pensions

, protection, and life cover.


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Using Support And Resistance Within Forex Trading Strategies

As every serious trader knows Forex trading strategies are an essential part of Forex training. They range from reversal through to continuation strategies with each one having its own specific set of rules, entry and exit points. Knowing how these Forex trading strategies work and when they are most likely to fail is a core element of the learning process for any aspiring new trader.

Another crucial element of Forex training is the notion of support and resistance. They re defined as follows:


Support – a price area where a horizontal line is drawn connecting two price hits which have bounced in the upwards direction. Market price is decreasing when suddenly it starts to pull back upwards. It then decreases again with another pull back at the same price level as the first one. The horizontal line that connects the two pull back price points is called the support line. The line literally creates support for that particular price level.

Resistance – a price area where a horizontal line is drawn connecting two price levels which have bounced in the downward direction. Market price is increasing thus moving upwards; but suddenly it starts to pull back in the downwards direction. It then reverses back into the original upward direction only to pull back downwards at the same price point as the first one. The horizontal line that connects the two price points is called the resistance line. It creates a resistance point at which the market cannot continue upwards.

The reason why it is crucial to know about support and resistance is because they can drastically slow down your profits or even reverse your Forex trading strategies back to create a loss. The point is that there is a reason why there is support or resistance at a certain price level. It does not matter what this reason is. What is important is that traders respect it as a potential profit stop. So, if a profit target is 30 pips but there is a heavy support/resistance line blocking the way at 25 pips, profit should be taken at 25 pips. If orders are left to fight the support/resistance lines you are simply hoping for the best. You may get through some of them but in the long-run it is not worth the wait.

Another factor to bear in mind is that support can become resistance and resistance can become support. For example, as price breaks through resistance whilst moving upwards it is very common to see the price pull back to the line it broke through originally and bounce back upwards as a result. In this manner historical resistance has now become new support. The same can happen in the other direction.

In summary, it pays to be extra careful when support or resistance lines are apparent in the market when Forex trading strategies are being used. It is common for a trader to lose faith in his/her strategy when they see it bounce from this horizontal line simply because they haven’t studied it in their Forex training. In this instance it is not the strategy that is at fault, it is the lack of knowledge.

Travel Insurance When Staying In A Curacao Vacation Villa

Travel Insurance When Staying in a Curacao Vacation Villa


Nadine Naarden

CURACAO, WILLEMSTAD When planning a trip, many people wonder if the benefits of buying travel insurance outweigh the costs. \”Most people plan their trips expecting a perfect vacation with their families or friends,\” says Nadine Naarden, manager of Curacao Bon Bini Rentals. \”They don\’t like to think about anything that could interfere with their plans, and they don\’t want to spend extra money if they don\’t have to.\”

As a professional in the vacations in Curacao Island business, Naarden has a great deal of insight about types of travel insurance and what it means to her guests, especially those visiting from other countries. Typically, international travel plans are made weeks or months ahead of time, and the travelers cannot predict an illness or accident that could alter their plans. Problems with travel delays or lost baggage can be quite expensive. Naarden encourages travelers who are booking vacation packages to consider the peace of mind they might find by protecting their investment with travel insurance.

Different types of policies can be purchased, and consumers must evaluate the details of the coverage offered by each.

Trip cancellation insurance

is available for the time before travel begins, with reimbursement for prepaid, non-refundable expenses such as airline, cruise fares and a vacation rental. These policies usually cover unforeseen incidents that affect the traveler or close family members, but consumers should confirm if pre-existing conditions, such as chronic back problems, are included and who can be identified as a close family member. It\’s also important to know when the policy takes effect; for example, will it cover a car accident on the way to the airport?


Trip interruption insurance

is for the duration of the trip, covering expenses related to unforeseen events that often require the traveler to return home early. They typically also cover expenses incurred during a medical delay in the itinerary, including staying in hotels in Curacao Island while catching up to the remainder of the schedule.

Health coverage

depends on each traveler\’s situation. U.S. health insurance policies do not always cover medical emergencies while traveling abroad; Medicare does not. Generally, a pre-existing condition will be excluded as well. Travelers should review their individual health policies to see what would be covered in an emergency and determine if additional travel coverage is needed.

Delays and loss of luggage

are sometimes covered under homeowner\’s insurance policies. Travelers should also consider that they may need quick reimbursement to buy necessary items before their luggage is delivered to their

rental villa


Additional travel insurance options

include policies for hazardous sports, rental vehicles and identity theft, among others. These policies can be customized to address the customer\’s planned activities during their trip. Most travel insurance providers also offer 24-hour help for customers dealing with adverse circumstances.

Naarden suggests that guests might enjoy greater peace of mind if they explore insurance needs before heading to a Curacao vacation villa. The Curacao Bon Bini Rentals team is committed to helping travelers make the most of their vacation time. They offer full concierge service for guests enjoying a Bon Bini vacation rental, including amenities such as scheduling massage appointments, restaurant reservations and car rentals. For additional peace of mind, the multilingual staff is available around the clock for guest emergencies.

Best vacation deals

are listed on the agency\’s website.

Learn More


vacations in Curacao Island


hotels in Curacao Island

Visit the Bon Bini Rentals website.For additional information, email or call +5999-5104584

2013 Sinai Marketing,Inc. Authorization to post is granted, with the stipulation that Sinai Marketing and Curacao Bon Bini Rentals are credited as sole source.

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Replacement Windows In Lagrange For Your Kitchen

byAlma Abell

Are you thinking about a kitchen remodel? You are not alone. Many people have opted to update their kitchens. Further, if you enjoy cooking and fresh herbs, you need a garden window over the sink area. By having a garden window over the sink, you can simply grab your fresh herbs and add them to your dishes. All you need to do is talk to a consultant. The consultant will explain how the Replacement Windows in Lagrangewill be installed and the timeframe. It really is that simple, and you will be thrilled with the results.


You can use the shelves in the garden window for your plants and for displaying your kitchen décor items. This because of how the window is built. These windows are wider and have a display shelf. Further, they can easily replace your flat kitchen window. So, if you want to maximize your space and still allow for ample light, then these Replacement Windows in Lagrange are a perfect choice.

If you are still not sure how the window will function, you can go online to find more information. All you need to do is go to After you look at the pictures and read the information, it will be time to place a call. Talk to the consultant and tell him what interest you most about these windows. Next, ask him how long the installation will take. You will be thrilled to hear the answer, and he will be glad that you called.

Windows are always important to any area of the home. So, if there are other areas of the home that you would like to change, talk to the consultant about your options. For example, you may want double hung windows in your living room and a glass block window in your master bathroom. Once you see your options and talk to the consultant, you will be relieved to know how easy the process will be. Further, once the installation has been completed, you will love it. In fact, be sure to post pictures of your new windows on your social networking pages. Your friend and family will enjoy seeing how you improved your home.

How To Say, ‘Yes, I Accept Your Job Offer!’

By Heather Eagar

A sample job acceptance letter should be kept on the computer of job seekers to be customized for a new situation and used when it is needed. A job seeker should also know how to use it, and when to use it. With that in mind, a sample letter follows.


Name of Hiring Manager






Dear Hiring Manager’s name,

It is with great enthusiasm that I accept your offer for employment with Xyz Company. I look forward to a long and mutually profitable relationship, and will do my best to live up to the faith that you have shown in me through your decision to invite me to become a part of the team here at Xyz.

I’m excited about the prospect of contributing to the great success the company has had and look forward to this opportunity. You will recall that my experience includes sales, marketing and business management. I’m sure my skills will translate well to the excellent environment at Xyz.

Again, I thank you for your time, for the confidence you’ve placed in me, and for this wonderful opportunity to join the team.


John Doe

You’ll notice that this sample letter is short and to the point. It thanks the person who did the hiring without being sloppy or overly sentimental. It also congratulates the hiring manager on making a wise decision and choosing the right person, but in a way that is matter of fact, and does not seem like bragging.

It is always a good idea to keep your acceptance letter based on factual, short, precise, and a bit formal. You are in the early stages of the work relationship you are forming at this new company, and want to put your best foot forward. This letter will help you do that. You’ll probably be excited and nervous after being accepted for the new position, and writing a sample letter before you are hired will allow you to do your writing with a clear mind, undistracted by concerns about what you will wear that day, or anything that came up in the conversation. Using a letter like this is an example of doing your homework and being a smart job seeker. In fact, you should also keep a sample cover letter, sample follow up letter, and a sample thank you letter for after the interview in your documents folder of your computer, ready to customize as the need arises.

Smart job seekers do everything they can to present themselves in the best possible light. That extra effort is what makes the difference between a low paying job with little satisfaction and a well paying start at a new career. Using samples of these documents you’ll use in a job search just makes sense and will help you on your way to that satisfying new career.

About the Author: Heather Eagar provides reviews of the top

resume writing services that put you in charge of your career so that you can get the job you deserve. Sign-up for your free Job Search Tips E-course. Source:

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How To Deal With Financial Hassle With No Guarantor Loans}

Submitted by: Corn Ashley

If you do not have enough cash to fulfil mandatory financial needs, you are in a financial emergency. It is the most difficult phase of your life since you are no longer financially stable. In such tricky scenario, you desperately look to get peace of mind and you can make wrong decisions in a hurry. Their consequences will haunt you at any time and you later find yourself in the more complicated situation. Therefore, you should find a way, as soon as possible, to prevent such financial drench from your life. Choose no guarantor loans and get instant monetary assistance without any hindrance.

These loans are like short-term loans, where you can ask for the only small amount of money. They are comparatively easier to borrow because there is no condition of providing collateral and guarantor to avail their monetary gains. You do not need to approach your relatives and friends to get funds if you have chosen your way of loans without a guarantor.

Tips to Use Loans to Deal with Your Financial Menace


The first thing before applying for the loan is to not panic. Worry too much can cause you many mistakes, and you may not able to make the right use of these loans. Therefore, stays relax and keep your focus on how to gain more from such feasible financial aid. Furthermore, since these loans are applicable for a short amount, it is essential to make your lender clear about how much money you need, which you can get straight away. You can prioritise your expenses for which you need an urgent flow of cash, which further help the lender to arrange funds according to your needs.

Dealing with financial menace requires an urgent monetary aid. Hence, you should apply through an online way because it ensures the safest and fastest means of moving things forward. Standing in queues and collecting papers need some time, which you do not want during a financial emergency. Opting for online application assists you to apply quickly and get instant cash transfer from the lender. The processing time in no guarantor loans is the quickest, which has helped a number of people when they need cash at most.

Loans for Your Credit Score Improvement

As there is no need of a guarantor to avail benefits of these loans, lenders sometimes do not check the credit scores of the borrowers. It is the perfect opportunity for the bad credit people to borrow money and to improve credit scores. However, these people should tell true credit scores to the lenders so that they can decide a suitable repayment schedule.

It is not easy to combat with financial problems, especially when they come immediately. There is no need to panic. Apply for no guarantor loans and fulfil all your desires with no shortage of money. Do not forget to choose a reliable lender, who can understand your financial compulsions and can provide interest rates according to your financial capacity.

About the Author: The Easy Loans, a professional credit lender in the UK, is providing no guarantor loans in well-customised way. Borrowers can apply for them through a simple online procedure. To know more, visit:


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Why Is Cyprus Such A Great Investment Opportunity?

Submitted by: Hannah Walker

The wheels of reconciliation have been set in motion as determined peace talks begun at the beginning of September 08 to once more attempt a reunification between the north and south of Cyprus. Since the Turkish invasion in 1974, Cyprus has remained divided and dominated by hostility. Now, despite the islands history, the Greek president Demetris Christofias and his Turkish counterpart Mehmet Ali are determined to reach a settlement which will clearly be beneficial, more than ever before the future of Cyprus is looking positive.

At the moment the Turkish Cypriot presence is only recognised as an authority by the Turkish government who keep around 30,000 troops in the north of the island. Spurned by the European Union, Turkey have realised the economic benefits that will come from making peace with the Greek Cypriots. The talks have also been spurred on since the election of Demetris Christofias as the Greek president in February 2008. A more relaxed ruler than his predecessor, he has immediately began talks with Mehmet Ali Talat on reuniting the country.


If these talks succeed which seems more than likely, it will not take long for the economic benefits to come into play. Many green measures will be implemented alongside the plans for renewal. According to a report entitled, The day after: Commercial opportunities following a solution to the Cyprus problem , reunification should bring about 1.8 billion euros every year in new business, and each household could benefit on average 5500 euros a year, for the first seven years after the conflict.

In particular the property market, which has seen large growth in recent years, is set to benefit from the reunification. According to France24, the property boom began in Cyprus even before its accession to the Euro in January 2008. The news provider stated that the rise was continuing after the currency changeover, despite the fall of property value in other parts of Europe. It is estimated that property values in Cyprus should go up by at least three per cent this year and the economy is set to expand even more. The Financial Mirror reports that the Economic Intelligence Unit is expecting its gross domestic product (GDP) to go up by 3.7 per cent.

The joining of the island should end the stigma over land ownership in the North and prevent investors worrying over title deeds. Property prices in the north will rise dramatically once the reunification is implemented to level with those of the south which are currently much higher.

Cyprus presents great opportunities to investors. It is changing to meet the increasing tourist demands, particularly in the North where several developments, such as the Whiterocks five-star luxury apartments, have sprung up. Shopping centres, golf courses, marinas and gardens are being created to cater for visitors and these alongside the hot weather (300 days of sunshine a year), natural beauty, gorgeous sandy beaches and original charm of Cyprus is making the island incredibly appealing to those who wish to purchase property, for holidays or investments.

About the Author: Hannah Walker is an expert on the

Cyprus property market

writing for


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What Sell Fast Usa Can Do For You

By Ryan Pauline

When you borrow money from a bank or lender there is always a risk that some trouble could ensue. It is a big responsibility to owe so much money to one particular institution and while most people are able to handle this with very little trouble at all there are times when the stressors of life can be overbearing. For people who live within a very tight budget, these times can be particularly tough. Of course, there are a great number of things that might cause such tough times: job loss, personal injury or illness, family emergencies, personal reasons. As you can see, these reasons vary and are not necessarily associated with irresponsible money management, although that is another reason why people can get into trouble with their home loan.

If you have experienced any of these things it is a little more likely that you may have to deal with the possibility of foreclosure. A foreclosure is something that happens when the bank feels you are no longer able (or perhaps no longer willing) to make the payments on your home. It is kind of a like a bankruptcy or a repossession; the bank will take back their asset by relinquishing your responsibility for payment. At the same time, though, it will negatively affect your credit.


Usually, when a foreclosure is looming, the bank might try to help a homeowner find a way to pay what they owe or, at least, stay above water. This is often done by liquidating assets like furniture, kitchenware, appliances, clothing, electronics, and other personal belongings. Sometimes there is enough inherent value in these things to repair the damage done by not making payments. When there is not enough inherent value, however, the bank may foreclose on the property and the homeowner will have to find another place to live.

Of course, this process is much more complicated and lengthy than it might sound here but the result is still the same: if it is your home, you will have to move out. This, of course, is never a good thing. If this is a situation that might hit close to home for you, though, you should know that you may have a few options still at your disposal, options that you are probably not aware of. If you want to learn about these options, you will have to speak with the right people.

If you want to speak with the right people, you only need look as far as the team at SellFastUSA. Allan Garfield started this company several years ago after two decades of experience in the real estate and lending industries. He assembled a team of professionals with a combination of more than 150 years firsthand experience and trained them to help distressed homeowners sell their homes quickly and avoid the costly repercussions of foreclosure and short sales. In fact, the SellFastUSA team can help anyone sell their home in as little as 10 days, reducing the amount of time on the market, the amount of stress, and the amount of paperwork involved.

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? Visit



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Guide To Quality Lab Coats}

Guide to Quality Lab Coats


K. Green-20414As healthcare costs increase, Physicians are often required to provide their own personal lab coats. In lieu of purchasing a flimsy, uncomfortable and poorly fitted lab coat, healthcare providers now have their eye on high quality, flattering, and stain resistant lab coats made with 100% cotton. Most health care providers want a lab coat that won’t wear out and lose its shape over time. They also want a coat that reflects their level of education, achievement, and (deserved) status. There are a variety of medical apparel companies who service discerning clinicians.

How can you tell if you are buying a quality lab coat?

Quality starts with the selected fabric. Higher quality lab coats are made with 100% cotton, allowing the wearer to work comfortably in stressful environments. Better lab coats are made with a high denier fabric, which allows the garment greater durability and helps to maintain its shape when loaded with various medical instruments. You may also find subtle texture and pattern in today’s lab coats – which contributes to improved appearance and durability. In addition, these higher quality fabrics offer a soft hand and crisp finish – increasing comfort and visual appeal.


Sewing is another important factor in identifying a quality lab coat. Today’s lab coats have reinforced seams, bar tacks at stress points and a triangulated stitch on all pocket corners – ensuring that they live up to the punishment of the busy, modern heath care practice or hospital setting.

One should also look for stain resistance in a high quality lab coat. Fabrics treated with DuPont Dual Action Teflon Fabric Protector resist soil and stains, and are emerging as an industry standard. This performance fabric treatment helps to keep high quality lab coats looking cleaner, brighter and whiter – longer.

Comfort and functionality also play a role in determining if you are purchasing a higher quality lab coat. The lab coat should give the wearer a full range of motion and allow any task to be performed effortlessly. Quality lab coats offer large front pockets for essentials and some offer a hidden inside pocket for a cell phone or PDA.

Style also plays an essential role. When it comes to design, modern lab coats are influenced more by fine, tailored clothing, rather than the industrial uniforms of the past. Today, one can wear a lab coat that appears very professional and stylish, while still maintaining the traditional appearance of the medical “white lab coat.”

Most quality lab coat manufactures can be found online and offer no hassle return policies. If you haven’t purchased a new lab coat lately – today’s quality lab coats offer a significant improvement to the traditional lab coats of the past.

K. Green is a working woman with an eye for fashion and the confidence

quality scrubs

and well fit

lab coats

can help create for the medical professional.

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The Cellulosic Fibre Market Will Reach $8.5 Billion In 2016

A new report by visiongainconcludes that the world market for Cellulosic Fibres will reach $9.1 billion in 2017. This analysis and others appear in the Cellulosic Fibre Market Trends, Analysis & Forecast 2017-2026: Volume (KT) & Market Value ($bn) Forecasts By Application (Textiles & Clothing, Non-Wovens, Industrial, Other) & By Fibre Type (Viscose Fibres, Modal Fibres & Lyocell Fibres) & By Region & National Markets published by visiongain, a leading business intelligence provider based in London, UK.

The applications for cellulosic fibre have increased significantly in recent years and are expected to grow at a rapid pace during the coming decade. The cellulosic fibre market has been dominated by the Asia-Pacific region, accounting for more than half of the global market. However, we expect the Rest of the world region which includes Brazil, Turkey, and the Middle East and other regions to expand rapidly as well, Moreover, we predict strong growth of Cellulosic Fibre production and consumption in textiles & clothing, non-wovens, industrial, and others. Globally, textiles & clothing is the biggest end-use segment of the cellulosic fibre. Demand for cellulosic fibres in this end-use segment is mainly driven by factors such as decreasing cotton output in recent times, increasing demand for apparel & clothing products and increasing usage of the specialty fibres in high end-textiles products.

For 2017, Visiongain assesses the global cellulosic fibres marketto be worth $9.1bn. Visiongain also determined the global consumption of cellulosic fibres to reach 5,372.4 KT in the same year. The global cellulosic fibre market is expected to have strong growth over the forecast period. It is anticipated that the man-made cellulosic fibres are going to be the key replacement for the natural cellulosic fibres due to competition faced by natural cellulosic fibres with food crops for the arable land which is shrinking rapidly due to a growing population across the world.

This 212 page report contains 105 tables and 137 figures that add visual analysis in order to explain developing trends within the cellulosic fibres market. Visiongain provides forecasts for the period 2017 to 2026 in terms of volume (KT) and market value (US$) for the cellulosic fibres market. In addition, 4 regions and 15 national cellulosic fibres markets and 7 submarkets are forecasted and analysed by visiongain over the period 2017 to 2026. The report also provides profiles of 8 leading companies operating within the market such as Grasim Industries Limited, Lenzing AG, Bracell Limited, etc.

The Cellulosic Fibre Market Trends, Analysis & Forecast 2017-2026: Volume (KT) & Market Value ($bn) Forecasts By Application (Textiles & Clothing, Non-Wovens, Industrial, Other) & By Fibre Type (Viscose Fibres, Modal Fibres & Lyocell Fibres) & By Region & National Markets will be of value to current and future potential investors wanting to better understand the cellulosic fibres industry and its underlying dynamics, as well as companies and research centres who wish to broaden their knowledge of the cellulosic fibres market.

Notes for Editors If you are interested in a more detailed overview of this report, please send an e-mail to or call her on +44 (0) 207 336 6100