Installing A New Window Is Easier Than You Think

Installing a New Window Is Easier Than You Think


Heidi Parrish

More and more of today s homeowners are opting out for interior designs, thanks in part to the many DIY television series that give people cheap and easy home improvement projects ideas that they can do themselves. The truth of the matter is, when it comes to larger home improvement projects, it s better and often cheaper to hire a professional to do the project for them. But just because you have to hire a pro to get the most out of your home improvement project, doesn t mean that you aren t going get a good return on your investment. Installing new windows in your home can be a great way to increase curb appeal, resale power and grow value from your home. And it s easier than you think. Use this guide to window replacement and see for yourself why installing new windows may be easier than you think.

Finding the Right Window Installer

One of the most important parts of getting the most out of your new windows is finding the right installer. After all, you can install the most expensive windows, but they are only going to be as good as the window replacement company that installed them. That s why finding the best installer is so important. But when every window installer in the area claims to be the best, it s tough to find the best of the best.


There are three key parts to helping you find the best window installer in your area. Use these three tips for finding the right window installer and you can t go wrong.

Licensing and Insurance- Without the right insurance and licensing, you as a homeowner run the risk of losing money if someone gets hurt, materials are damaged or your windows get stolen. Be sure that before you ask for a bid, you verify your window replacement companies licensing and insurance.

References- The right insurance and licensing ensures that you re going to get someone who can legally do the job, but it doesn t mean that they are going to do the best job. References from past customers help you to find the best window installer in your area.

Multiple Quotes- Don t just pick one window installer and go with them! Be sure to get at least three bids from multiple window installers. Make certain that you get a cost breakdown of materials and labor as well. This way, you can compare between the bids effectively and find out who really has the best deal.

Replacement Times

Many homeowners think that installing a new window (or window) is difficult, time consuming and makes a mess in your home. This often makes people shy away from these types of home improvement projects. But you don t have make a mess, take a ton of time or cost you fortune to get the job done. Make sure that whomever you hire for your window replacement project, you get a specific completion date for the project from start to finish. This way, you won t get stuck with a window replacement company that takes forever to get your new window project finished.

William Stanton is a freelance writer from Texas. He writes mainly for

replacement windows League city

which is a local window supplier providing custom builds and installations to all their customers for over 20 years.

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Complete Home Renovation Makes Your Home Glamorous}

Submitted by: Platinum Heritage

Redesigning a property is really a tough process to implement and could be very costly, specifically if you are employing somebody else to deal with the entire procedure. Lab our charges usually play a role with regards to performing a large and complex process such as redecorating. No matter what type of home design you might have, you’ll constantly need to handle some additional things in order to restore the freshness that it had. If you wish to keep your costs within budget and avoid more lab our charges, it’s much better that you simply do the work yourself rather than employing somebody else to perform. All of it depends upon your hard-work, planning and the volume of work you put in to find out new means of improving the style of your premises and carry out the fundamental duties diligently. Also, you can work with a professional if you’re not able to do this all on your own.

Complete Home Renovation has become, has become a big business with a lot of better as well as modern aspects getting attached to it and several folks especially, younger era, seeing it as being a lucrative profession choice and ultimately choosing it.

A house that had been developed quite a while back, clearly needs lots of renovation to make it look like contemporary designed properties and herein, comes the value of home renovation. Home renovation can provide a facelift for out fashioned home.

Be sure you have enough budget to carry out the Complete Home Renovation procedure – budget is the most essential aspect of any task and once you’re considering renovating your living area, you should have sufficient cash to fulfill all of your requirements. If in case, you don’t have sufficient financial savings to strike off this process, it’s safer to go for personal loans for home improvement as this will make you more comfortable and will allow you to make savings.


Multiple Estimates Always Bette

For getting the home renovation quickly many people do not spend enough time to obtain the proper certified service provider that could mean catastrophe, both for the renovations as well as the impact it can have on your premises.

Time Limit

Unless the licensed contractor can definitively fulfill the specific task in your time frame, choose another expert, as due dates for people who want to sell their home are definitely more crucial. Ensure licensed contractor features this deadline within the agreement.

Get Help from Family and Friends

It is essential that you speak to your friends, relatives or members of the family as they will direct you nicely and will help you choose the right person for your complete home renovation process. Once you discover a suitable contractor, the next achievable stage would be, to speak to him and find the total budget needed to carry out this method. If you think you can easily invest that amount, then you can retain the services of that contractor, or else not.


With a total face lift of the house via Complete Home Renovation, one can see a total makeover of one’s residence. Nevertheless, one element of a Complete Home Renovation process is definitely the massive expense incurred in the process, making many individuals think hard before going for it. However if one has all of the required resources, nothing will stop you. You can go all the way to increase the price of one’s home to get any upcoming sale of your home, or merely make it much more comfortable to reside in.

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Tadoba National Park A Splendid Museum Of Amazing Flora &Amp; Fauna

By David H. Urmann

Tadoba is one of the oldest and the finest National Parks of Maharashtra.This magnificent park has derived its name from the local god ‘Taru’.This exciting park is situated in the district of Chandrapur in the northeastern part of Maharashtra.This is a bit compact Park with an area of about 120 square kilometer offering an ideal shelter for a variety of amazing fauna and flora.

This marvelous park was established in the year of 1935 and in the year 1955, it was declared as National Park.This park along with Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary is known as Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve which covers around 625.40 square kilometer of the area.

The entire park exhibits the trees of dry, deciduous forests.The vegetation of the forest also include Sal, Mahua, Semal and some fruit trees such as Mango, Jamun etc.It is a very exciting and pleasurable experience to walk through the nature trails of the park.

This exotic forest is home to more than thousand species of birds making it one of the best places for bird watching.This place is like a paradise for bird watchers and if bird watching interests you, then you would not afford to miss the opportunity.Here one can get an opportunity to watch some magnificent migratory birds along with some water birds.


The major attraction of the forest is undoubtedly the King of the jungle ‘Tiger’.The park is home to around fifty Bengal Tigers and is a major attraction for the tourists of all age right from kids to young and old age.

Other animals which are very commonly seen in the areas are Sambars, Barking Deers, Chausingas, Indian Bisons, Wild Dogs, Leopards and many more to excite you.This jungle is also home to some of the most endangered species of animals such as Jungle cats, Civet, Hyenas etc.

The best ways of exploring the jungle is by opting for jungle safari.A mini-bus of the capacity of twelve visitors provided by the forest authorities is a great mean of exploring the park conveniently and safely.

The accommodation option in the park is varied in this remote area.The tourist rooms provided by MTDC around the tourist complex are great option.One can also find some Tiger Trail Jungle Lodges which will make your tour comfortable and memorable.One can also find some self contained rooms provided by MTDC.Some of the few guest houses are also available around the park which will result into a great lodging option.

The best time to visit the park is from October to May.During these months, the temperature of the area remains very pleasant and rejuvenating.The park remains open for the tourist all round the year, but it remains close on every Tuesdays.

The nearest airport to the park is Nagpur which is situated at a distance of 140 kilometers.If you are trying to reach this place by means of railways then Chandrapur is the nearest railway station which is situated at a distance of forty five kilometers from the park.

This park offers a very charming and mesmerizing nature trail which will provide you with a very valuable experience.

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7750 X Passing Guarantee Exam}

Submitted by: Dennisng Ng

Question: 1

With respect to IP Office Contact Center Release 9.1.6 and above, which three parameters are not contained in the import excel spreadsheet and must be configured in the User Interface after the import? (Choose three.)

A. Profiles

B. Hold duration time for last agent functionality

C. System holidays

D. Topic block times

E. Custom specific announcements

Answer: B, C, E

Question: 2

You have completed the Avaya_IP_Office_Contact_Center_Configuration.xlsm workbook and are ready to launch the DataImport.exe file.

Which two passwords are required to execute the DataImport.exe successfully? (Choose two.)

A. WebLM administrator password

B. IP Office Security User password

C. IP Office Service User password

D. IPOCC Administrator password

E. IP Office System password

Answer: D, E

Question: 3

You have successfully deployed an IPOCC server in the customer’s virtual environment and have configured the virtual machine to meet the OVA specifications in the Avaya IP Office Contact Center Reference Configuration document.

Which two tasks do you need to complete before importing the customer intonation into IPOCC? (Choose two.)

A. Change the IP Office Service User password

B. Upgrade the VMWare Tools on the IPOCC Server to the latest release

C. Configure the Network Settings on the IPOCC Serve

D. Change the IPOCC Server Hostname

E. Install the vSphere Client on the IPOCC Serve

Answer: B, C

Question: 4

View the Exhibit.

Refer to the exhibit. The exhibit shows a screen shot of a tag that has been created in the tag list.

What is the intended purpose of this tag?

A. to reject any caller from Germany

B. to pass the call to a German language auto attendant

C. to identify calls with a German telephone numbe

D. to pass the call too an agent with German speaking skills

Answer: A

Question: 5

You have entered your licenses successfully, and now you want to check you have the correct amount of supervisor licenses for the customer.

Which screen in WebLM will show you this information?

A. CIE View License Capacity

B. CIE View Peak Usage

C. License Install

D. Licensed Product

Answer: C


Reference 12)

Avaya Aura Practice Exam Software

Information Technology has drastically transformed the corporate world in past the few years. Probably, this has been possible due to the dynamic nature of IT, an incessantly influencing Avaya Aura field featuring surpassing requisites for the overall growth of all industries in operation. Therefore, it is not surprising that top companies such as Avaya are looking for expert remarks on the Curriculum Vitae of their prospects that can ensure them to be more efficient and productive in their challenging projects. One such remark that these companies wish to see is the Avaya Aura Avaya certification. There is no doubt that Avaya Avaya Aura certification is highly in demand in the Avaya industry. In fact, the Avaya Aura certification training has become an international standard for several top Avaya companies.

Introduction to the Avaya Avaya Aura Certification

Avaya Avaya Aura is the entry-level certification for networking, which indicates that the achiever as an engineer can organize small to mid-size networks for Avaya Aura Avaya. The standard helps in identifying a talent that can well implement the E-Series wired solutions, exhibit introductory knowledge of wireless technologies, and explain A-Series solutions for the data center as well as large scale networks. By earning this Avaya Aura Avaya certificate, the potential Avaya Aura Avaya professional obtains a foundation for acquiring advanced Avaya Aura Avaya certifications for network and security solutions via Avaya technologies. This globally recognized Avaya Avaya Aura certification training by Practice Exam Software is bound to give a big leap to your Avaya career as well as remuneration.

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The Movement Of Currencies Trends

The movement of the currencies in the online forex market will determine what kind of trade you will make. This is why it is very important to know how the market moves. If you understand what’s going and market you can make rational decisions. One should be able to look at charts of the currencies that are being traded, and get an idea was having with them. Prices move in three different directions. They are able to move up, or down, or even sideways.There are only certain movements that should be traded. If price is going sideways, which is shown on a graph, then you do not trade. This is an unstable platform to trade on. Never trade with prices going sideways.If you have determined the prices are going up, then you would buy currency. If you have determined prices are going down, that you would sell the currency. You do not have to own the currency in order to sell it. This is a unique factor of the Forex market. If you do not have an understanding of the movement of the prices, you will lose money. Also, in your desperation to get the money back that you’ve lost, you will probably lose more money. This is why you have to have some kind of trading forex platform.The currencies of the Forex market move up and down or sideways. You have to know exactly what is happening with the market, or you lose all your money. The movement of the price will determine what kind of trade you make. Make sure that you make the right decisions, by learning how to read the charts. You should know what each of the movements mean. You should also drill or even draw the movements to gain a better understanding of them.

Four Smart Techniques On Looking For California Automobile Insurance Online

Four Smart Techniques On Looking For California Automobile Insurance Online



If you prefer an easy way to buy for California automobile insurance, you may use the Internet to acquire a list of certified automobile insurance providers from the California Department of Insurance web page, take advantage of the inexpensive auto insurance program, browse the official online sites of various auto insurance organizations to acquire quotes, and you may ask for insurance quotations from an insurance quote-building Internet site.

Within the state of California, almost all vehicle owners have to get car insurance. In fact, your vehicle registration may be revoked if you happen to let your auto insurance lapse. If this is your first time purchasing automobile insurance or if you are thinking about replacing your existing insurance policy, it is advisable to look around so you can get the best deal for your money. You might also acquire great savings if you take some time to search for California Auto Insurance Quotes. You could try these tips if you like to know how you can buy California car insurance using the Internet:

Obtain a listing of accredited car insurance firms from the California Department of Insurance Internet site


The official website of the California Department of Insurance displays feature that allows auto insurance shoppers to secure a directory of all the automobile insurance providers within the state. Browse the online site and you will see a drop-down list on the main page that will enable you to make a search. Specify that you’re looking for private passenger automobile insurance and after that sort the firms alphabetically. You’ll be granted a complete listing of all of the accredited car insurance firms in California. You can check this list if you are requesting quotations from various insurance providers or when validating whether an insurance carrier is licensed by the state.

Avail yourself of the cheap automobile insurance program

The California Department of Insurance provides inexpensive car insurance program for low-income motorists. This program helps drivers to obtain car insurance for less than $400 each year. Visit the official web page of the California Department of Insurance to check out the eligibility requirements for the program. The online site also provides important information on how to join if you qualify.

Visit the official websites of different car insurance firms to acquire quotations

Find out if the automobile insurance company you are considering has an official online site and, if yes, you can try to request insurance quotes directly from them. In order for the provider to give you a precise quotation, you may be asked to enter personal information on the web page. Ensure that you give complete information as well as data that are accurate.

Ask for insurance quotes from an insurance quotation-generating Internet site

You can find numerous web pages on the Internet that will enable you to ask for insurance policy quotes from numerous auto insurance companies. You’ll be instructed to provide important data on the website that will be utilized to produce quotations which are suitable for your situation. Usually, you will be instructed to input information such as your zip code, car information, social security number and even traffic infractions which you might have. The details you give should be complete so that you can be certain that the developed quote is customized and precise.

Once you receive the automobile insurance quotes you requested, you can start reviewing these. Evaluate which ones meet the minimum requirements prescribed by state law and also meet your specific car insurance needs.

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California Auto Insurance Quotes

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Sidhartha Estella Luxury Project In Secto 103 Gurgaon}

Submitted by: Arun Kumarsingh

Also known as Millennium city of India, the city is one of the happening and lively cities. With the high earning professionals residing in the city, the city has witnessed a great high in the last few years. This is the clear indication of the fastest growing economy of the city. This is the reason various Gurgaon has become one of the favorite investment centers for the real estate developers. Hence today, we see some of the finest buildings with innovative architecture and high levels of engineering, in the city. Besides, there are many IT Parks, economic zones, industrial parks embarking their strong presence in the city.

Sidhartha Estella is an integrated township that is equipped with world class features and state of the art amenities. The township spread over 15.84 acres of land, offers you a living that is indeed luxurious and comfortable. With the umpteen amenities and features, the sidhartha estella sector 103 gurgaon gives real worth to your hard earned invested money. Some of the common amenities that the township boosts of are, well equipped gym, concealed wiring, wifi connectivity, reserved parking, high speed lifts, complete power backup and 24*7 security. The township is centrally air conditioned and offers servant room and maintenance to the residents. Furthermore, vastu complaint, fire alarm system and earthquake proof infrastructure are some of the factors that makes you feel relaxed while living in a world of positive energy.

In context to this, Sidhartha developers have come up with a new residential project called S.E. situated in sector 103, Gurgaon. The township offering a choice of 2, 3 and 4 BH apartments takes you to a complete tranquil environment where living is an amazing experience. The apartments are available at tentative sizes varying from 1250 sq. ft to 3500 sq. ft. The township has lush green surroundings and every apartment reflects poise environment and being completely ventilated, this residential complex offers healthy living.

Other than this, the strategic location of the township also makes Sidhartha Estella a hot property. The township is well located close to Northern Peripheral Expressway (NPE), a 150 meter wide road joining Delhi (Dwarka/ Airport) to National Highway -8.Being in the heart of the city, the township is well connected to major parts of the Delhi/NCR. it is very close to some of the best schools, colleges, healthcare centers and recreational institutes. Within the distance of 2 kilometers, there lie the landmarks like Palam Vihar Bus stand and Najafgarh hospital. Furthermore, this residential complex is at a drive of 5 minutes to IG international airport.

Sidhartha Estella Gurgaon is on floors and the construction is in full swings. With the tentative time of possession starting around 2013, the township is a perfect investment option. All Specifications of Flat Area, Unit Size, Floor of the apartment, View of the property, Villa Size, Plot are are estimated and to the best of developers estimates. Builder of Specific Properties in India has right to change the actual specifications without prior notice. Please read Builder specific Terms and Conditions for furhter info.

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Amber Skye Condo , New Launch In District 15

Submitted by: Rick Fok

District 15 is the most sought after and most popular region in Singapore real estate.

For Many years, district 15 has been the champion district with the best sales and profits.

This is a new launch condo built on the former grounds of AMBER TOWERS which was enbloc.

Strategically located in the much sought after East Coast Premium Residential Area, it is just mins drive to CBD, Suntec City, Marina Bay and Financial Centres. With easy access to ECP, KPE and PIE expressways, travelling time is greatly reduced.

And this junction of Tanjong Katong Road and Amber will soon take on a new look with the completion of this prestigious project Amber Skye Condo. This will be the next most sought after address because it has many posh neighbours in the vicinity, such as One Amber, 16 Amber , Amber Residences, The Esta.

Amber Skye is a Freehold Development promises a unique architectural form with breathtaking vistas of the sea and soothing unblocked views of the low-rise Tanjong Katong Estate.

This 22 storeys building seated on 40,708 sqft of land,

Total 109 units, consists of 1,2,3,4 bedroom and penthouses.

Designed with Functional layout and equipped with Quality finishes.

Unit come with Private Lift Lobby

It is located close to several renowned schools such as Haig Girls School, CHIJ (Katong) Primary School, Tao Nan School, Tanjong Katong Girls School, Chung Cheng High School (Main) and Dunman High School. It is also close to 2 international schools i.e.Chatsworth International School (East Campus) and Canadian International School (Tanjong Katong).

Amber Skye Condo is only minutes away to National Stadium and Indoor Stadium by car. And the nearest train station is at Dakota, Circle Line Station which is 1.4 km away. The trip to city is only 5 stations away.

The concept of quality living is for you at Amber Skye Condo. It is also surrounded by many Shopping Malls, amenities and food places. And it is within walking distance to East Coast Park and the beach.


Here, residents can enjoy the sea, the sand and the breeze. They can take a short stroll, cycle, jog, roller blade or have a picnic and at the same time enjoy the lush greenery being offered at East Coast Park which is less than 300 m away.

Details of the condo is as follows :

Address: 8 Amber Road Singapore 439853

District: D15

Tenure: Freehold

Site Area: 3,781.9 sqm or 40,708 sqft

Total Carpark Lots: 112 Lots (including 6 Private Lots for Villas)

Total Units: 109 Units

?10 units of 1 Bedroom (ranging from 567 – 671 sqft)

?55 units of 2 Bedroom (ranging from 1027 – 1329 sqft)

?30 units of 3 Bedroom (ranging from 1395 -1582 sqft)

?5 units of Grandeur – 4 Bedroom (ranging from 2508 -3003 sqft)

?3 units of Villas (ranging from 4519 – 5141 sqft)

?6 units of Penthouses (ranging from 3231 – 4234 sqft)

Total Carparks: 112 Lots (including 6 Private Lots for Villas)

Facilities of the condo include:

50m Pool

Dining Pavilion


Kid s Pool

Topo-play area

Outdoor Fitness

Function Room

Gym (2nd floor)

Steam Room (2nd floor)

Sky Terrace on 13th Floo

Design: Amber Skye Condo’s unique design symbolises the sea and its endless wave in motion. It features a dynamic architectural form while maintaining a highly efficient layout.


Private lift to all units

Large units with dry and wet kitchens

Many unit sizes

Spacious and efficient unit layout

Mostly en-suite bathrooms to bedrooms

Luxurious kitchen appliances

Good quality finishes

For more info visit web , or call Rick +65 91092177 Email

About the Author: Rick Fok +65 91092177 , email



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Get Excellent Legal Representation By Hiring A Seasoned And Reliable Employment Lawyer}

Get Excellent Legal Representation by Hiring a Seasoned and Reliable Employment Lawyer


William Rogers

New York City is known as the place of many opportunities; if you are motivated to achieve your dreams and have the skills, then you’ll surely succeed here. The rivalry in this city is tight, but individuals take it positively and make all of the effort to do more. Even so in the Big Apple, lawsuits are common and found each day. One of the most typical lawsuits is about litigations on employment, and having the assistance of a dependable employment lawyer is important.


It is normal for large companies to acquire their very own lawyers. These lawyers will represent them in the court each time employment-related problems occur. Staff, alternatively, should remember that the law requires them to defend themselves within the court. You have to ask assistance from employment attorneys NYC if you observe that your employers have violated your rights. In times of work-related issues, the employee must take legal action immediately. This is because delaying legal action will merely hinder the likelihood of winning the case.

Many people feel that you will simply require employment attorneys when legal action has been submitted, but this isn’t true at all. Individuals should keep in mind that filing for a lawsuit demands too much effort, finances and time. This is the reason exactly why disputes must be fixed initially through in and out court negotiations with your employer. For the most part, this helps avoid a full-blown legal battle to take place. To secure your benefit with the negotiation, a New York employment attorney will assist you all through the process.

If you feel there is already a predictable result on the settlement and it will result in a lawsuit, then it would be better for you to prepare and ensure that there is an employment attorney to assist you. Unquestionably, employment laws change over time and they’re tough to deal with. If you make a mistake with your moves, then you will truly get a lot more problems because there are lots of legal loopholes and traps you will come across. Due to this, you will require the expertise of employment and civil litigation lawyers. When looking for a good NYC employment lawyer, it is far better to work with those who are skilled and dependable in offering edge to a client?s case.

Small businesses and also non-profit organizations as well opt to hire the services of NYC employment lawyers since they posses extensive know-how about employment laws. With the help of these lawyers, entrepreneurs can guarantee they are complying to the ordered employment policies of New York. It doesn’t matter how small or big the firm is, what is very important is to meet the security standards and all other duties of the employer. To make certain there aren’t any employment laws violated, employment attorneys are capable of drafting the policies of the firm.

Like lots of people, you might not know what you must do first or when you will make your move. Well, you may start by giving employment lawyers NYC a phone call for legal consultation. When it comes to your legal problems, just let them know about your situation and they’ll do the rest. The employment lawyer that will deal with your case will work closely along with you in making legal strategies that is tailored to assist meet your goals.

If you want assistance with

New York Employment Attorney

, you’re not alone. And if you want assistance, there’s loads of them laid upon. Internet can give you loads of information you need. is one excellent example for this. Lots of people solved their troubles through the tips located on the site.

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Get Excellent Legal Representation by Hiring a Seasoned and Reliable Employment Lawyer

Bill Dean Spends $40 M To Create The Ultimate Miami Beach Party Pad

Bill Dean Spends $40M to Create the Ultimate Miami Beach Party Pad


Andres Leiser

Bill Dean is a 48-year-old engineering executive has lively spectacular parties in mind for his newly renovated luxury real estate property in Miami Beach. He is known for throwing parties at his Georgetown mansion in Washington. He has built the ultimate party pad, a 2.35-acre luxury real estate property featuring a rooftop bar above the main house, four outdoor hot tubs and a cavernous pool house that doubles as a nightclub. He knows that no one can beat Miami\’s party scene. When comparing Washington to Miami, he says, \”Miami is sexier, You get people from all over the world all the time.\” He fell in love with Miami when he rented a penthouse at the Setai hotel in South Beach in the 2008 and that was all she wrote, \”I really fell in love with Miami,\” Mr. Dean said.

A top priority was to find luxury real estate with sufficient dock space for his and his friends\’ yachts. He found this on a corner lot where two waterways meet. This provides him with about 600 feet of water frontage on two sides of the property. The luxury home is a special piece of real estate, a Mediterranean Revival built in 1937. Mr. Dean purchased the six-bedroom, 11,745-square-foot home in 2009 for $8 million then he spent another $32 million on a two-year project to renovate it and add several more buildings. The estate now includes a seven-bedroom main house, a spa, four guest suites and the pool house at 18,100 square feet in all. Friday, Mr. Dean is throwing a lavish black-tie party in celebration of his birthday and the luxury real estate\’s premiere.


He was intent on creating a place that had unique outdoor areas. \”I was really trying to make the outside the living space,\” he said. The centerpiece of the property is a giant pool with sea-grape trees at each corner.

The floor plan has undergone a few nice changes and upgrades. One of the changes to this luxury Miami real estate is to the kitchen which has been rearranged to incorporate a more expansive view from within the kitchen than what was called for. Sliding track doors still allow you to enclose the kitchen from either or both sides. The condo is fully furnished with furnishings by designers Ralph Lauren, Holly Hunt, Minotti, Tucker Robbins and others in earthy tones. The design of the luxury Miami real estate condo is by New York City interior designer Clodagh.

Andres Leiser is a local contributor for Constec Realty\’s

Miami luxury real estate

website. Andres Leiser has been involved in

Miami real estate

for over a decade. For more information visit :

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