Make Her Realize She Made A Mistake! Get Your Ex Girlfriend To Regret Dumping You

You were dumped by your girlfriend. Does it feel anything like you imagined it would? If you’re like most men this happens to you probably couldn’t ever fully comprehend the pain that comes with it until she said it was over. That’s when your world was turned upside down. You watched her walk out of your life and there was little you could do to stop her. Now that some time has passed and your heart has had a chance to heal you realize that you’re not over her. You weren’t ready for things to end because you love the woman. You wish you could get her to want you again but first you have to make her realize she made a mistake dumping you. Is that possible? It certainly is and it’s actually not that hard to make her regret the break up.

In order to make her realize she made a mistake you have to show her what a catch you still are. You’re not going to be able to do that if you present yourself as an emotionally overwrought guy who can’t get over her. If you’ve been chasing after her trying to get her to want you again, that’s the first thing you need to change. Right now she knows that you’d move heaven and earth to get another chance with her. That gives her all the power in your broken relationship and it doesn’t make you seem all that appealing to her at all. In order to get her to regret dumping you, you have to show her that you don’t need or want her anymore.


You do need to be subtle with this. It’s obviously not a good idea to march over to your ex girlfriend’s house to tell her that you’re dumping her too. That’s a bad idea. What will work is if you brush yourself off, pick up your self esteem and start living again. If you appear happy without her it’s going to impact her more than you realize. She’ll see that you are fine without her and that’s going to force her to contemplate what she did and what that means for her future.

It’s important for you to appear to let her go during this time. That means you need to temper how much you talk with her and you shouldn’t even mention anything about wanting to get back together with her. Instead, go out with friends, flirt a bit and move forward with your life. She’ll come to see that you are a strong man who is still desirable. Her realizing this will help remind her of all the wonderful moments you two had and that will tug at her heart strings and make her realize she make a mistake when she let you go.

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