Putting Yips How To Get Rid Of Them !

By Maxx Johnson

Temperatures are dropping during this time of year all over the country. Luckily in the southern states, we can still play golf. However, this means playing a shots from a tight lie or a thin lie (little grass) which can be very difficult without the correct club in your hand. Tending to play on a tight or a thin lie from around the green this time of year, presents plenty of physical and mental issues for us to fight through. A lack of confidence is typically the reason why golfers get “the yips” while putting. This first putting drill can be done at the golf course, home or at the office. We will start without a golf ball. Begin by simply making some putting strokes. Lighten your putting grip pressure until you can feel the weight of the putter head back and through. On each stroke, hold your finish position for a count of three seconds. If at the course, make some strokes with your eyes closed with no target. This will allow you to feel your putting stroke.


As you have practiced for X amount of years with the putting grip you have, it just may be the time to overhaul your putting grip. Since your brain is currently programmed to “yip” using your current putting grip, change your putting grip. These days there are no rules on putting grips. You can go from the over-lap to the ten-finger to the claw grip. By radically changing your putting grip, your brain will need to reprogram all of its circuits and will start with a clean slate.

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Get a pre-shot routine

Routines are used in other sports so the players can relax themselves. Batters have routines as they step into the batter box, basketball players have routines at the free throw line to relax themselves. Develop a pre-shot routine the next time you are on the putting green.

Your pre-shot routine can begin with something as easy as lifting your right thumb off of the putter grip and then place the thumb back on the grip. Your pre-shot routine should also include the number of times you look at the putting cup. On paper, your routine may look like this: thumb up, thumb down, look at hole, look at ball, putt. As you use this routine, you will gain a rhythm. This rhythm will flow over into your putting stroke.

Go with your gut

Sergio Garcia has made the change and many others have beaten the yips with using a belly putter. A belly putter will create a true pendulum putting stroke by eliminating the small muscles in your hands from the motion. This lack of hand motion will create consistency for your putting stroke. To use a belly putter, anchor the putter to a point on your midsection or “belly.” Take your set-up and make your regular putting stroke as you would with a .standard. length putter. When you finish your stroke, hold your finish until you can count slowly to three.

Now you can go to the putting green and putt your way to lower scores. See you on the practice putting green.

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