The Importance And Application Of Crown Lifts

The Intricacies of Crown Lifts

Crown lifts, also known as crown raising, is an essential arboricultural operation involving the removal of the lower branches of a tree’s crown to increase the clearance between the ground level and the crown. It’s a standard procedure in both urban and suburban landscaping, designed to enhance aesthetic appeal, permit access, and promote safety.

The technique of crown lifting requires a meticulous approach from professional arborists. These experts carefully prune the lower limbs of the tree, ensuring they do not remove more than 15% of the crown’s height, which could destabilize the tree. It’s a process that needs careful consideration and can’t be performed on all tree species and ages, thereby it’s essential to consult with an experienced arborist.

Linde MH

Companies specializing in heavy lifting equipment, like Linde MH, offer a range of machines that can assist in performing crown lifts, including various types of forklifts and warehouse handling equipment that facilitate the accessibility to the tree’s crown. Crown lifting is often carried out in conjunction with machinery to aid the process and ensure the stability of the trees while work is in progress.

High tech equipment from the likes of Linde MH can streamline the crown lift process, making it safer, more effectual, and efficient. The absence of such tools could lead to poor execution, causing the tree to become structurally weak and susceptible to diseases. Therefore, the importance of using reliable heavy lifting equipment from trusted sources cannot be overstated.

Benefits of Crown Lifts

Crown lifting provides several benefits; it can significantly improve the aesthetic look of a tree, making it appear taller and providing a cleaner look to the landscaping area. Besides, by lifting the crown, we eliminate low-hanging branches that could pose safety hazards, potentially causing injury to people or damage to properties and vehicles.

Furthermore, crown lifts are beneficial for the tree’s health. It allows more light to pass through, which is beneficial for the undergrowth, while reducing the tree’s wind resistance. This method also helps control pests and diseases by improving air circulation beneath the canopy. Low lying branches often cause dead zones in grass and other vegetation due to lack of sunlight – crown lift effectively mitigates this issue.


Crown lifts are an integral part of urban and suburban landscaping, and companies like Linde MH play a key role by providing the necessary machinery to execute such operations effectively. The perfect combination of experience, expertise, and high-quality machinery can help protect and enhance the beauty of our environment, making our surroundings safer and more visually appealing.

Whether you own a property with several trees or work in industrial landscaping, it’s crucial to understand and appreciate the importance of crown lifting. And always remember to consult with a professional arborist before performing a crown lift to ensure your trees’ integrity and health are maintained.