What Is A Laser Eye Correction Surgery?}

What is a Laser Eye Correction Surgery?


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People who need restoration of their normal eyesight can choose to get laser eye corrective surgery. If you have been experiencing severe eyesight problems and you want to cure it in a fast and easy way, then you can decide on a corrective laser eye surgery. You can easily regain the lost vision that you have greatly suffered from for years, by subjecting yourself to a minor operation. You can instantly reverse your vision problems and bring it back to a perfect 20/20 vision, through a simple clinical procedure.

Laser Eye Correction Surgery and its Types

PRK (PhotoRefractive Keratectomy) and LASEK (Laser Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratomileusis) are basically the two known types of a laser eye correction surgery. Both procedures work in an almost similar way. However, there is slight difference with the use of both techniques. Perhaps the first difference would be the method on how to correct the cornea, and the second would be the healing process.

Although they are considered to be two different procedures, both follow the same process of numbing the eye by drop instillation. This first step in the surgery is done while the patient is wide awake. Of course, the patient should be relaxed at the time of the surgery to ensure safety and security while the procedure is being performed.

A PRK laser eye correction surgery involves a scraping process or ablation of the cornea to remove the “defective” epithelial lining. In the LASEK procedure, a cutting method is used to create a flap or a new layer of cornea instead. The first step of the procedure is the removal of the topmost lining of the cornea. It will be followed later on by growth of a new layer through the Excimer laser. There are varying degrees as to how the reshaping process should come about in every person. If precise measurements (mapping and reshaping) are used better results are to be expected.

Laser Eye Correction Surgery and its Uses

A laser eye correction surgery can be used for several means. Nowadays, it has been widely used by people to correct the simplest or the most complex of problems. If you are financially capable of a laser eye correction surgery, then you can be ready to eliminate your vision problems anytime you want to. All you need to do is find a good doctor who can perform it on you and the rest follows as your surgeons have planned.

Depending on the cause of the condition, Laser eye correction surgery can be used for blindness. More often than not, the patients who subject themselves to the operation are those who are suffering from eyesight problems. If your vision used to be 70/150, it can easily be corrected by laser to a near 20/20. Truly, the laser eye correction surgery is one of the most useful tools ever innovated in man’s history.

If you have been dealing with terrible eyesight problems and you want to cure it fast, then you can decide on a

laser eye correction surgery

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What is a Laser Eye Correction Surgery?