What Is The Difference Between A Latex Mattress And A Memory Foam Mattress?

By W.P. Allen Allen

People who are shopping for a new mattress often wonder what is the difference between the memory foam mattress and a latex mattress. The biggest difference between the latex and the memory foam is that, although latex is extremely comfortable and durable, it does not provide the same benefits that a memory foam mattress provides. And those benefits from memory foam are the relief of pressure points and the contour conforming softness that provides unparalleled support to your entire body. Many people will not decide between the two of them but actually combine them by using the latex mattress as a base for a memory foam top. This can be an excellent idea as it combines the strength and durability of the latex with the comfort and support of the memory foam.

A Latex Mattress

Latex is very durable and very dense. It has a very strong and thick core that will last for a very long time. What makes the durable and strong latex comfortable and soft are what are called “pincore holes”. The pincore holes are built into the latex and the more holes that you have in a mattress and the larger those holes are, the softer the mattress will become. There are different types of latex mattresses that have different size pincore holes in them. Some latex units even have more than one size of pincore hole in the same mattress. This is what are called “zones of comfort” in which one area may be more soft or more firm than another. For instance you could have your mattress be softer at the shoulders and more firm at the legs. You can find latex mattresses with many different types of material layered on top. Different types of tops are often added to latex units to make them softer and more comfortable.

A Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are considered top of the line as far as sleep systems go. Because of the overall comfort and stability of the material, there really is no other type of bedding that can provide the sleep that this type of mattress can. This is one of the reasons why it is more expensive than most other mattresses. However because of the growing popularity of this mattress many manufacturers are lowing their prices. If you want to get top of the line units with state of the art foam (including units infused with aloe Vera and units that are created to cool you as you sleep) you’re going to have to pay top dollar which is usually anywhere between $2000 to $6000. But you can still find high quality memory foam mattresses for under $500.

Memory foam is composed of many tiny cells called memory cells. Memory cells work by absorbing your body heat and pressure. Once your body heat and pressure is absorbed they soften and this is what leads to the contouring and conforming to your body shape. No other bedding works quite like this. That is why memory foam is considered the best choice for those choosing a mattress.

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